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At Beehive Development, we know a thing or two about marketing. We are a Maine-based company with a portfolio that spans both coasts. Let’s tell your story through email marketing, social media, web, and other delights.

We heart working with movers + shakers, makers + creatives…and we even help self-proclaimed luddites get a new perspective.

We make it easy for you to get back to what you love to do. We’ve got this.

Hi there. I’m Lisa.

Lisa Arhontes-Marshall, Queen Bee | Beehive Development

Growing up, I wanted to be a tour guide or a teacher. It turns out that I’ve become both.

I immerse myself in your world and have supported owners and makers in the arts, technology, education, leadership, hospitality, specialty foods, wellness, and non-profit sectors.

Today I play both matchmaker and choreographer to help clients identify where to be and what to say. I’m likely the first person to subscribe to your mailing list and help make it even better from the inside out.  If there’s a digital platform out there – I’m  probably on it.

  • Treading into the techland of website development is perilous for the uninitiated.  Lisa calmed us all down and explained that this could be an enjoyable, creative process - and that is what it turned out to be.

    East Blue Hill Village Improvement Association

Want more? OK!

With 20 years in the non-profit sector under my belt, I’ve learned how to walk into most environments, help make sense of it all, and turn motivation into action.

During a highly rewarding career with American Red Cross, I enjoyed one opportunity after another to make a difference. I was a go-to for pilot projects and sought for my expertise in how to smoothly implement new programs. I guesstimate that along the way, I managed to feed and provide shelter to a few million people while training thousands of volunteers. It was a pretty great gig.

A California native, I threw caution to the wind many years ago when my husband and I moved to his childhood stomping grounds on the coast of rural Maine.

Looking to translate that host of different skills, I reinvented myself – carefully shifting what I knew to those who wanted insight, solutions, a fresh perspective… and some handholding to make things happen.


I live with my husband and daughter in the not-so-bustling metropolis of Blue Hill.

I can can tell you where to find the best mocha on our quiet peninsula, and can still recognize most Grateful Dead songs in under five notes.

I’m determined to learn how knit as a lefty, am likely volunteering for something, and can parallel park like a champ.

Lisa :)

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