three fonts
too little spacing
too much text
my eyes are tired
i just can’t scroll….and when does this end?

give me a bite
give me a chance to glance
give me a reason to come back
give me a task
most importantly – do this one thing…give me the benefit of respect.
i gave you permission to give me something.  permission requires respect.
unsubscribing is easy when i don’t see value.
unsubscribing is easy if i don’t feel like you value my time.
unsubscribing is easy when my need for information doesn’t match your methods.
send that email to yourself
send it to a trusted friend/spouse/colleague
then read it
read it from top to bottom.
bonus points if you look at it on more than one device
if at any point you feel the urge to break away, that’s a sign to refine.
if you dont’ like reading it all the way through – why do you want me to?
It’s called testing…do it.
you think that the bulk of the time is spent writing the content.
would you be surprised to know just how much time goes into the layout?
obsessing about the first glance
obsessing over where the image lands
obsessing not just over the words, but their shape, their flow, their look.
to me it’s a sculpture.  it’s a fluid one since everyone may see it a bit differently. i want to make sure that it’s lovely in every way.
your words matter, and they glow when we take the time to package them in just the right way.
i subscribe to a lot of lists.  some for the topic, some because i want to see what the say, how they say it and the pomp and circumstance involved.  I subscribe to lists about topics I know nothing about, or have nothing to do with my wheelhouse…but I like the company, or the brand…or something obscure resonated.
your job isn’t done when you’ve checked the spelling and ensure the links work.  your job is done when you want to eat the meal that you just prepared.

because if you don’t, why do you want me to?

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