If Oprah & Martha Can Do It...

If Oprah & Martha can do it…The Resource List

I tend to try out a lot of tools, online services, downloadable apps, you name it. I’ll pretty much give almost anything a go if I think it’s worth checking out.

The good ones stick and the less-than ones fade into memory.

Because I use a lot of tools, and work with a lot of people, I tend to get asked about what I use. A LOT. It inevitably comes up. It’s a great conversation because we’re both interested in being more efficient.

And yes, something that I may have favored a few years ago has been replaced by something smarter, faster, better. It IS a LOT to keep up with and NO ONE is keeping score. If it’s working for you, GREAT!

Oprah’s got The O List, and Marth has her Good Things, so I get mine.

This is how Lisa’s List got started. I wanted one place where I could list my most current and priced tools. Some tools include affiliate links so that you and I get rewarded if you sign-up, purchase, download, etc. Regardless of reward (or lack thereof), the list exists because I like sharing the stuff that works for me.

And yes, I can be a hoarder of digital tools. That’s why I also maintain a bigger stash of things over on Pinterest. My boards are most often a collection of useful bookmarks. and if they are useful to me, then why not see for yourself. Warning: It’s Pinterest. If I an get stuck there for hours, so can you! ;)

Take a spin and see what works for you. Send me a note if you think I should check something out.