BHD Containers

The Story

Sometimes the business owners feel comfortable with building their own site need a hand with the content. After the owners sold off a segment of their business, BHD Containers was formed. We came in to help organize the website and provide a bit of training.

In exploring the competition, we noticed that the roll-off container business had their own vocabulary and vernacular. That can be intimidating to someone in need of services but unsure where to start.

By creating a Containers 101 page, we accomplished two things. We educate the consumer and we provide basic info that the owners could easily refer anyone to. Streamlining the information helps the customer gain knowledge while the business could let the website respond to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Our Services

  • Content Strategy + Copywriting

  • Training

  • Website: Weebly

BHD Containers. Website, Content Strategy + Copywriting.

BHD Containers. Website, Content Strategy + Copywriting.