David Amado

The Story

We launched a simple website this summer for conductor, writer, and all-around great human David Amado. Working with David gave us the chance to create a site designed to blend his professional world and personal writings. We also had the joy of working with an amazing selection of photography courtesy of Joe del Tufo.

Building on Squarespace was exactly the interface that David sought so that he was set up for success. For David, this means being able to quickly and easily add new content.

Fun fact: Spend any time with David and the conversation veers toward a favorite topic of food. During the build we needed text while David rounded up a collection of essays and articles. We decided to populate sections of the site with a less-traditional version of Lorem Ipsum, opting instead for Cheese Ipsum a placeholder-text generator made up of nothing but cheese and cheese characteristics.

Our Services

  • Content Strategy + Copywriting

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