El El Frijoles

The Story

A mid-winter dinner party started it all. El El Frijoles wanted to host their first annual Cinco de Mayo event. Ideas were formed, a menu was planned, yet getting the word out was going to be a challenge.

As new business owners, Michael and Michele had a limited amount of time. After all, they were running one of the most popular (ok, only) San Francisco-style taquerias out of a converted barn on the coast on Maine. Making time to turn the email addresses that they were collecting into a legit mailing list wasn’t getting the attention it needed.

“Let’s get you set-up with MailChimp and send an invite out to a bunch of folks”.

We helped organize the addresses, listened to their intentions, got a hold of a bit of copy, and worked our magic to produce their very first email campaign. The rest they say is history. Since then they’ve taken on their own mailings which have gone on to be wildly successful.

Disclosure: El El Frijoles is a restaurant-in-law. My husband’s cousin is a co-founder and we enjoy the occasional benefits of trading advice for burritos.

Our Services

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