Maine Craft Apprentice Program

The Story

Sadie Bliss, executive director for Maine Crafts Association reached out with a new project. We love getting her emails. Together with Maine Arts Commission, a new apprentice program was born. The Maine Craft Association’s Craft Apprentice Program (MaineCAP) offers Maine-based master craft artists and apprentices the opportunity to learn, create, and celebrate.

Great programs need great websites. MaineCAP was built with this simple and handsome aesthetic to host program info and more.  The site also needs to be able to grow over time without losing it’s style.

While exploring other programs, we learned that an online application was key. We knew that a lot of info would be collected, enter the ability to upload files. We also knew that applicant pairs would not be physically together while applying, so the ability to save their work was also crucial.

Another section of the site hosts storied about the participants. Because the program is not just about the craft, but the importance of being visible, we’re designing pages that can stand on their own and give participants another dedicated page on the web that they will be able to use during and long past their time with the program.

Our Services

  • Application + Form workflow

  • Website: WordPress