Mount Desert Island Farmers Markets

Mount Desert Island Farmers Markets: Bar Harbor’s Eden Farmer’s Market + Northeast Harbor Farmer’s Market. Social Media, Photography + Image Editing

The Story

Farmers markets in Maine tend to run for the season, those precious weeks between late-May and October. Run by dedicated farmers, foodies, and craftspeople, a visit to the local market says a lot about a community.

Over on Mount Desert Island, a volunteer board organizes two markets a week. Hosting the Bar Harbor’s Eden Farmers Market on Sunday and a shorter Thursday market in Northeast Harbor, they had a dedicated (and growing) following.

We talked to vendors, snapped pictures, and shared moments on Facebook pages. Our services included working behind the scenes to provide customer service support. Think you’re busy on a summer day? Try being a farmer (and market board member) unloading the season’s first batch of berries!

Today the markets enjoy a bigger audience, a look and feel that truly represents them, and the comfort in knowing that we had their back. They’ve since resumed management of their pages; now with more skills and a better understanding of how to create simple and authentic content in a fun and efficient way.

Our Services

  • Graphics + Image Curation

  • Social Media