Lisa’s List
a.k.a. The Resource List

Keeping this ‘Hive going requires a lot of tools. When I first put this list together, I thought, “It’ll only be a few things.” As with many list-making sessions, I was stunned when I saw everything in one place.

These are products and services that I use, trust, and talk about. I’m picky and have likely tried other options.

  • Bookkeeping + Invoicing: QuickBooks for Self-Employed

    • Use the above link to get 50% off the first six months of service

  • Domain Registration: Google Domains

  • Email Hosting + File Storage: Google Suite

    • Truth, it’s email hosting, file storage, document creation and editing, and more.

      • Enjoy 20% off the first year of G Suite Basic Plan when you use my code EC4RXVPGJKEVJ4Q

      • Enjoy 20% off the first year of G Suite Business Plan when you use my code UC6E6C7YUVMXV7V

  • Email Marketing: MailChimp

    • We both earn $30 when you sign-up for a paid MailChimp account using the above link.

  • File Sharing + Storage: Dropbox

    • Enjoy an extra 500 MB when you start a new account.

  • Forms + Payments: Wufoo

  • Image + Graphic Editing:

  • Images: Unsplash

  • Website Design: Squarespace

  • WordPress Maintenance: Michelle Keyo

  • WordPressHosting: FlyWheel

What’s an Affiliate Link?

When I use a product or service that really like, I will pretty much tell everyone that I know. Some companies offer small discounts or service credits back to the referrer (us), when they get a new customer (you) from the mention. This is why you’ll find links to products and services that we recommend. We keep a list on this page, and may also include an affiliate link when we mention it elsewhere on our site. These links are unique to me and when you use them we both enjoy a few perks. You are never required to use the links that we provide.