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Getting started? Or, well on your way? We’ve got you covered.


Love your website. It's your digital home. We work in Squarespace and WordPress to craft new sites or spiff up your current digs. Together we can:

  • Decide what you want your site to look like and do

  • Set-up and customize your layout with brand-savvy details

  • Collaborate to organize your content and images

  • Connect your site with your social channels

  • Make it easy for folks to hop onto your mailing list

We are also available for: strategy, training, site updates/makeovers/makeunders, copywriting, ecommerce, and blog development. Squarespace customers enjoy 20% off the first year of hosting! Get in touch to learn more.

Newsletters + Email Marketing

Inboxes are sacred spots. Your customers, they want to hear from you. We love love love smart emails that readers look forward to receiving. Together we can:

  • Set-up and customize a MailChimp account with brand-savvy details

  • Fine tune and migrate your mailing list

  • Train you and you team on how to use these cool tools

  • Make sure that your website and social channels are connected so that folks can easily hop onto your mailing list

  • Get that first mailing out, complete with unlimited handholding!

We are also available for: strategy, redesigns, personalized training, blog2email and other automated services.

Social Media

Be part of the conversation. The social landscape is vast, show up in the right places and look great along the way. Together we can:

  • Decide where your want to be and who you want to connect with

  • Set-up and customize your accounts with brand-savvy details

  • Hatch a plan to know what to say...and when to say it!

  • Training for you and your team

  • Connect your website with your social channels

  • Recieve year-round delivery or paek-season support

We can also lend a hand with: strategy, extended training, and demographic research.

Branding + Graphics

Branding is the impact.  Branding is what makes us memorable. "A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another." Seth Godin

That logo? That's the most simple visual reminder, the eye candy. While it's usually branding first, logos second, we help makers with great designs get clear on the bigger picture. Together we can:

  • Help you define your brand

  • Craft and implement a basic strategy

  • Develop simple logos, graphics, and color schemes

  • Redesign or freshen-up existing logos

  • Create or update your style guide, giving you the rules of what to use and how to you it.

  • Connect you with trusted partners for graphics design, printing, and more.

When you hire us for logo development or updates, we collaborate with our favorite graphic designer to help bring your vision to life.

Strategy · Planning · Ongoing Support

Everyone needs a good road map. Discover the core of what you do, create strategy and plans, then put those elements into place. Together we can:

  • Explore how your brand fits your industry and what sets you apart

  • Help you connect the pieces between the big picture and the little ones

  • Prioritize the 'to do' list so it turns into a 'done' list

  • Craft personalized systems and tools that you'll really follow this time

  • Provide ongoing support and accountability

Great tools and systems already in place? We offer personalized (and personal) training, unlimited delivery, and even that little bit of accountability that we all can use.

Everyone deserves the most personal approach possible. Big juicy strategy projects are booked on a limited basis. 

 Whether you are getting started or well on your way, we've got you covered.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Here’s what else we've got up our sleeves

event planning + meeting facilitation
workshop development + training

surveys + questionnaires
emergency + continuity planning

explainer + training videos
…and other delights!

Interested in working together? We'd love to hear from you